The Iniguez Firm, a credit card lawsuit defense attorney

The Iniguez Firm is a law firm focused on helping all prospective clients in whatever needs they may have. As a solo practitioner, Miguel Iniguez prides himself on taking care of all aspects of a potential client’s needs. We hope that when a client comes to our firm for one issue, they are so completely satisfied with the service that they have no hesitation coming back with a completely different area of law.

The law firm began in 2008 as a consumer protection/advocacy firm primarily handling consumer credit and debt collection litigation issues. Since that time, Mr. Iniguez has expanded the fields of practice to include any aspects for which his clients may have needs and has handled a wide variety of legal issues ranging from family law matters, including adoption and child support issues, social security appeals, personal injury litigation, business formation and employment issues, as well as DUI defense.

The law firm provides high quality legal service and a personal appeal.

The law firm provides high quality legal service and a personal appeal. We believe in strong, constant communication and understanding which allows our clients to make intelligent, informed decisions that lead to successful outcomes.

At The Iniguez Firm, we use our experience, legal expertise, and personal attention, in a way that benefits each client. We make it a priority to examine and understand the specific personal and business goals of each and every client. Our goal is to address your individual needs in an effort to effectively resolve your matter as favorably as possible. We hope we can be a resource for you in whatever your situation may be.

The law firm prides itself on achieving the goals of each of its clients.